High-Tech Dentistry

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Advanced Technology for Skilled, Comfortable and Efficient Dental Treatment

Our doctors have been providing comfortable and experienced dental care to people in the Atlanta area for almost 40 years.

With advanced technical training and experience, they use the best of dentistry’s technological advances to ensure the delivery of high-quality, comfortable treatment to all of our patients.

Read below to learn more about the advanced equipment we use to complete your dental treatment rapidly and with minimal discomfort.

DentalVibe -The Revolutionary Painless Oral Injection System

The DentalVibe is a revolutionary tool that applies a light vibration to the area where anesthesia is being administered. Research has shown that this vibration reaches the brain first and, essentially, blocks the brain from perceiving the injection. The vibration also helps spread the anesthesia once it’s in the tissue so it can work faster than normal traditional injections. Patients typically say they are unaware of when the injection actually occurs.

This is one of the many tools we use to provide the most comfortable experience possible for our patients.

The Wand® Computer-Assisted Anesthesia System

the wand painless injections

Our patients routinely find that our computer-controlled injections are very comfortable. This is because the discomfort associated with injections comes almost exclusively from the flow of the anesthetic into the body, as opposed to the insertion of the needle itself.

The Wand is a computer-controlled anesthetic distribution system that is designed to prevent any discomfort. It flows evenly so only the exact part of the mouth being treated is numbed, and it does it with such accuracy that it is, in fact, unnoticeable.

Air Abrasion Drill-free Cavity Treatment

drill-free dentistry suwanee ga

Air abrasion is a drill-free technique for removing tooth decay and for other minimally invasive applications. Our doctors find that this advanced tool is ideal for cleaning out pits and fissures, treating cavities in children and treating cavities in small areas of the tooth. It does this all comfortably and with no need for anesthetic.

Digital X-rays

Suwanee dentist Robert FinkelDigital X-rays put out less radiation than traditional X-ray machines and there is no need for processing film of the image. They are very quick and comfortable. Your X-rays can be seen by our doctors within seconds of taking them. They can then go over the results with you on our in-room computer screens.

Intraoral Camera

Intra Oral Camera

Intraoral cameras are tiny digital cameras that fit comfortably in your mouth and enable our dentists to show you an enlarged image of your dental problems on a computer screen.

VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening Atlanta Ga

The VELscope uses ultraviolet light to screen for oral abnormalities. It’s a fast and painless part of every thorough checkup. Using the VELscope, our doctors can discover a wide variety of oral abnormalities, often before they’re even visible to the unassisted eye.

TENS Jaw Relaxation Therapy

TMJ treatment in Suwane Ga

Our doctors use a low-frequency Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation, orTENSunit, to help relax your jaw muscles and adjust your bite. By delivering small electrical impulses to the muscles responsible for jaw movement, theTENSunit relaxes these muscles. This results in increased blood flow to flush toxins from the area. In a single treatment, the relaxed jaw muscles find ideal positioning.

Comfort Massage Dental Chairs

Comfort massage dental chairsOur comfortable new dental chairs will massage you gently during your cleanings. Music, television and DVDs are available during longer procedures to help you stay relaxed and comfortable.

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