Patient of Suwanee Cosmetic Dentist Robert Finkel“Dr. Finkel has been a great dentist. I love my smile, and he and his friendly staff make me feel like family.

“I highly recommend Dr. Finkel to my family and friends!”


Patient Reviews for Robert Finkel“I have been going to Dr. Finkel for over five years now, and he has been a great friend and doctor.  I love his honesty and professionalism.

“All my visits have been very relaxing and fun. The staff is outstanding and very helpful.

“My teeth were in a terrible state and he has given me my smile back. Thank you, Dr. Finkel and staff for making my visits enjoyable.”


Top Suwanee Cosmetic Dentist Robert Finkel“I have been coming to Dr. Finkel’s office for three years now. I was one of those patients who would never go to the dentist out of fear. But Dr. Finkel has relieved all of my anxiety.

“I came to Dr. Finkel because of his reputation and referrals from happy clients. Dr. Finkel makes you feel so comfortable along with his dedicated, helpful and extremely friendly staff. I went from never going to the dentist, to a dedicated every three months client.

“My teeth and mouth have never felt better and I have the whole team at Dr. Finkel’s office to thank.”


Patient Reviews for Suwanee Cosmetic Dentist Robert Finkel“Dr. Finkel and his staff are professionals,  and Dr. Finkel in particular is very caring and a perfectionist. He likes to make sure that everything is perfect.

“I also like it that  Dr. Finkel calls his patients in the evening to make sure that we are doing okay, pain-wise.

“I came to see Dr. Finkel for bleaching my teeth and for the cleaning. They are excellent.”


Our patients“After a few years away, I found my way home to Dr. Finkel and his amazing staff. He is a wonderfully talented dentist who truly cares for his patients.

“After a procedure, he calls after hours to check on your progress.

“Dr. Finkel has a gift and uses his talents to enhance others lives through an exceptional dental practice. I will never stray again.”


Patient Reviews for Dr. Robert Finkel“I have been with Dr. Finkel for over 10 years now, and I cannot see myself going to another dentist.

“I am always greeted by Fran’s smiling face, which always sets such a positive tone for my visit.

“Kathy, my hygienist, is so wonderful as well. What I like is she always explains what is going on when others did not. She is very thorough but very gentle when probing and or flossing.

“As for Dr. Finkel, he too was always smiling and it never feels like my teeth are not important to him. He explains things that he is watching for, and areas I need to pay more attention to, so as to prevent issues in the future.

“When I check out, both Fran and Tammy are there to help me with all the confusion that dental insurance can bring. They always clarify things for me which is very helpful and comforting, knowing they are always watching out for me.

“Again, Dr. Finkel and his team are fun, professional and very supportive. I’ve never been to a better dentistry team.”


Our patient reviews“I have seen Dr. Finkel since I was born. He has not just fixed my teeth. He also stitched up my lip when I fell on a golf cart, and didn’t leave a scar.

“Dr. Finkel gives the best shots ever, and they don’t hurt a bit.

“One of my front teeth came in very small and didn’t match my other teeth. Dr. Finkel put a veneer on my tooth and it matched perfectly. I am so happy and able to smile,  and everyone noticed. I get compliments on my teeth all the time.

“Thanks Dr. Finkel!”


Patient of Dr. Finkel“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Finkel since 1994. My wife and I entrust our entire family’s dental health to Dr. Finkel and his staff.

“Over the years we’ve had nothing short of superb quality care that is always done in a professional manner. We would highly recommend Dr. Finkel’s office to anyone.”


Patient Reviews for Suwanee Cosmetic Dentist“Dr. Finkel has been my dentist since I was six years old. The most important thing I feel he has done for me was putting sealants on my teeth to protect my teeth from cavities.

“He has become like a family to me, as has his entire staff.”


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